Is it only the Real Estate Buyer's that need to Perform Home Inspection?

Home Inspection
Is it only The Real Estate Buyer's Responsibility to Do Inspection?

Although it is no one’s responsibility, it is suggested mostly on the buyer’s side to do home inspection. Inspection is necessary to make sure the Buyer is aware of any hidden issues. Let’s not forget the facts that even home inspection cannot reveal the issues that are not visible. Therefore, In Vancouver BC, we encourage the buyer’s to always review documents and evert related facts about the subject property.
It is also the Seller’s responsibility to disclose any issues they are aware. This disclosure id called “Property Disclosure Statement”.

In addition to Buyer doing an home inspection, I always suggest to my Vancouver home Seller clients to also do an inspection prior to listing their property for sale. In this case they will eliminate any surprises and if easily fixable, repair it and if not, they can inform the Buyers so it would not tear apart their offer.

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