Searching Vancouver MLS® Listings for House or Condo for Sale?

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Search for Vancouver MLS® Listings and House & Condo for Sale

If you are thinking of a possible change in your life and want to start searching for properties, then you’re in a right place.
No matter what your reason for purchasing and buying a real estate is, as a local Vancouver REALTOR® I have been helping many real estate buyers to get a perfect home at a value they desired.

Before you start you real estate search, have you done your financing analysis? Do you know how much real estate you can afford? This is the first step to talk to a mortgage specialist or a mortgage broker. I work with the top professionals and am happy to refer their contact information.
To start it is important to ask yourself what it is you’re looking for. The followings are game changer when you can focus on what your desired focus is:
- Location and neighborhood
- Type of the property that suits your need (Condo or house for sale)
- Number of beds and bath
- Size of the house and its lot
- Deal breakers and must haves

My website MLS® listing search, is based on the direct reciprocity from Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board. To search go to:
MLS® Search on the top home menu bar.
In this page you can assign your search area by typing the location. Adjust your home type to condo, townhouse, or house for sale. Balance your price range. Assign the number of bedrooms and bathroom and click as you are adjusting these criteria, the site automatically brings up the listings for sale below the page.

What to do next and what are the other options?
Search among the listings. If you see the ones you like, mark their MLS® listing number and email them to me. I can dig further and find more details like, floor plan, property info and other important information which you can’t find and if all the information checks out, we can request for a viewing appointment.

If you have more detailed criteria such as a dog friendly property, freehold title, must allow rental and similar criteria, the other option is to have me sign you up directly on MLS® platform instead. In this case your search is narrowed down to more focused criteria and does not include any of the properties that you are not interested.

Looking forward to working with you to find your home soon for the best value.