Is your Vancouver Home Attic Healthy or Nasty?

AtticWell maintained and healthy attic is a subject to really focus on as attic in contrary can turn nasty and hold hidden issues and problem.

Can I use my attic space as storage? As Vancouver REALTOR® I do daily showings and get to know many people. The common issue I observed when showing properties to potential home buyers, they commented while pointing at the attic’s entrance “oh, here is an additional storage we can use and store our Christmas trees and decoration”.
According to Duxbury Inspections ( The added weight may loosen or dislodge connections on the roof trusses and cause a damaging burden on ceilings. Do not use attic / roof trusses as place on or from which to hang heavy items, for example a Kayak or boxes of books.

One of the most common issues and serious attic problems are rodents, and critters in general. Sometimes birds have nests and in some serious cases, even bats. Remedy is to declutter and regularly inspect the attic for such issue.
Living in Vancouver we are not stranger to damp and humid weather. Dampness causes mold and rot. Remedy is to keep the attic ventilated and check that no ventilation system has been covered by insulations.
Speaking of insulation, insufficient insulation causes loss of heat and higher electrical bills. So having regular check-up and maintenance of the attic every season is important. Since most attics access are limited and or difficult, maybe hiring a professional to do regular maintenance, can eliminate any future expense and surprises.
Have you checked your roof lately?