Your Property Door Front Has More Power Than You Think

red front doorSpring is here and that is a desirable season for most homeowners to list their property and preparing the listing for sale.
Previously in other seller articles we discussed the steps to make a property desirable for buyer’s eyes and your door front and entrance is the first impression.
As we heard, “first impression is the last impression” your door front area, can leave a lasting impression in the buyer’s memory.

- Clear the clutter
We all are guilty of leaving our muddy shoes, kids garden toys, bicycle repair kit and etc on our front door area. Clear anything that does not belong there and truly nothing belongs to that area as storage.

- Nature is your best friend
Flower and plants at the front door area are always pleasant. Hanging flower basket, or easy care plants at the door steps, are making the area welcoming and cozy.

- Power wash
Dust and dirt make their way into concrete and darken the true original color. Using a power washer, it can make a world of difference. 

- Small repair
Small chips in the concrete, broken wood handrail, faded paints are easy to fix and you can have a handyman, to make it look brand new again with a minimal cost. 

- Paint to glory
The front door itself, with a fresh quote of paint and maybe a significant red or royal blue color, can change the entire property character.

Small little things are extraordinary in real estate transaction and can make a significant impact in the property value and presentation.
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