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Should I buy Real Estate in Vancouver Now or Wait?

Posted on Oct 25, 2018 in Tips & Tricks

Vancouver Realtor advice, should i buy now or wait?This is not the first time in Vancouver real estate history where the market has shifted toward buyers’ market. What really caused this shift?
There are certain factors that always have direct effect in real estate market:
- Provincial Government interference by implementing additional taxes and or regulation changes
- Financial institutions and banks...

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I'm a First Time Home Buyer in Vancouver, Do I Pay For Property Transfer Tax?

Posted on Oct 23, 2018 in Tips & Tricks

First time Vancouver home buyers and property transfer taxBritish Columbia’s first time home buyers’ program helps reducing or eliminating the property transfer tax payable on a first time home purchase. The qualify buyers may be eligible for a full or partial exception from property transfer tax.

What qualification is required to be exempt from Property Transfer Tax (PTT)?
The following is required when re...

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Canada's Cannabis legalization & Real Estate 

Posted on Oct 22, 2018 in Tips & Tricks

Cannabis legality and real estateCannabis is Legal in Canada as of October 17th, But What about Real Estate?

Cannabis is now legal in both recreation and medicinal use all over Canada. For Canadian who want to grow their own Cannabis at home, are allowed to harvest 4 plants for their own use.
Although it is now legal to grow your own and use marijuana, it is important to talk about...

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How Much Does Your Vancouver Realtor® Should know?

Posted on Oct 13, 2018 in Tips & Tricks

Vancouver RealtorHow much does your Vancouver REALTOR® must know about the home or condo apartment for sale that you are making an offer?

In my previous article of the benefit of Vancouver Realtor, I emphasized on the knowledge, skills and ability. When it comes to knowledge, I have been asked from many buyers how much does my Realtor know about the specific home I...

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